Yerevan 2800th Anniversary

Yerevan 2800th Anniversary

Yerevan 2800th anniversary is in 2018. We invite you to celebrate this special occasion!

Yerevan 2800th Anniversary – Big Party Ahead!

The capital city of Armenia is celebrating its 2800th Anniversary in 2018. Yerevan city council has organised a wide range of fantastic events to celebrate on the weekend of October 20-21. This is a great chance to see Yerevan in its beauty and charm. Come, explore the “pink city”. This is a name given to Yerevan due to the wonderful pink color of the historic buildings. Made from a local naturally colored volcanic rock! Yerevan, the capital of Armenia has much to offer visitors. For instance it has ancient and amazing sights, rich culture and traditions, beautiful architecture, and friendly people. Locals consider Yerevan as their love and motivation. Many poets, musicians and artists have dedicated their beautiful works of art to Yerevan.

Plan Ahead

If you are planning a trip to Armenia, then this is a great time to visit! The city council will hold many events across the city. Such as open air concerts, folk dancing, special performances, live demonstrations, fireworks and much more. Considering the 2799th anniversary celebrations as an indicator, then its clear this year’s festivities will be spectacular.  Visiting Yerevan in early October will guarantee a unique and culturally rich experience. In addition, if you have time add the annual Areni Wine Festival to your visit too! This festival is held at Noravank Monastery. This year it will be on the 6th of October. Visitors will enjoy wine tasting and sample some fresh cheeses. There will be traditional song and dance performances to delight your senses as you attend this event.


Older than Rome, Yerevan is one of the oldest Capital cities in the world. This itself is a great reason to celebrate! However Yerevan has not always celebrated its anniversary. The first major celebration was in the Soviet Era, in 1968 celebrating its 2750th anniversary.  Many landmarks created as part of the 1968 celebrations still stand as part of Yerevan’s city landscape today. For instance the 2750 fountains near the Republic Square (not to be confused with the ‘Dancing Fountains’ in the center of the Republic Square).  For more detailed account of the historic celebrations visit the MyYerevan website. However since early 2000’s Yerevan has marked its birthday with great enthusiasm. You can expect nothing less this year, after all its not everyday a city turns 2800!    So come and celebrate with us! Need help planning your trip? Contact Envoy Tours and we will be happy to help.