Walking Tour to Explore Envoy Region

The best way to discover a city is to join a walking tour. Hence Envoy offers walking tours in Yerevan, Tbilisi and Phnom Penh. The tours are fun and full of local humour, striking facts and so much more. In other words – things you wouldn’t discover by yourself.  

Yerevan Walking Tour

A fun, friendly walking tour in Yerevan to explore the secrets and beauties of the “pink” city. “Encompass Yerevan”  walking tour will help you learn about the iconic landmarks in this ancient city, enjoy the most popular and picturesque areas. Most importantly, you will experience a glimpse of local life. The whole tour is accompanied with loads of humor and remarkable facts thanks to our friendly and knowledgeable guides. You will discover hidden sights, known only to the locals and learn about the history and anecdotes behind some of the statues and structures in the city. Then you will come across water fountains everywhere. These are a significant part of the Armenian culture. We call them “pulpulak”. Don’t hesitate to have some water and satisfy your thirst. Most importantly you will find out about great local hangouts and places you will like to go back and spend more time at.

Tbilisi Walking Tour

Encompass Tbilisi is a wonderful walking tour to introduce you to Tbilisi. The tour will help you experience the charm of this iconic city. Starting from the Old Town area the walking tour reveals the fascinating history and stories behind the landmarks. Enjoy the local anecdotes and humor as our guides lead you through the beautiful cobbled streets. Visit the major sights of the Old town area and enjoy the stunning panoramic views. Learn stories, discover new things and all this in the fun and friendly Envoy way! A good advice, take your camera as you would wish to capture every moment to create nice memories and share with friends. 

To make your time in Tbilisi more fun and exciting, take Exciting Tbilisi newly designed tour. This is a game tour where you play and explore this gorgeous city in a scavenger hunt! 

Phnom Penh Walking Tour

To explore the city of many wonders Envoy offers day and dusk walking tours in Phnom Penh. Take a day walking tour and enjoy the atmosphere of the busy daily life, visit markets and experience local lifestyle. Learn about the authentic local coffee shops and discover some of the eating spots popular with locals and expats alike. Visiting the workshops of local craftsmen you will see them in action and get a better idea of their amazing talents. Local anecdotes and sense of humor adds an additional flavor to make the tours fun. You will explore this mysterious city full of contrasts and surprises. Want to have more unique experience? Then take the dusk walking tour! This will help you see Phnom Penh from a different perspective. You will enjoy the refreshing air and the night light reflected on the huge rivers. Visit popular expat hangout spots, get in touch with locals and you will be amazed by the warm and friendly approach.  Discover secret eateries and enjoy the most delicious seafood in town. Before heading back to your lodging have a drink at one of the best bars. This will make your day complete.