Visit Tbilisi – play, discover and have fun!

Visit Tbilisi

2018 is the year to visit Tbilisi – one of the most gorgeous and charming European cities. Rich with history and culture. Breathtaking landscape and sights.  Hospitable and friendly people. Delicious and flavoursome food. All this is just a glimpse of what you should expect in Georgia’s capital. So what are you waiting for?

Exciting Tbilisi Tour

To flavor your experience with long lasting and amazing memories, Envoy guides have created a new game tour Exciting Tbilisi.  This tour aims to provide a fun and entertaining experience. Hence you play while exploring, and explore while playing. Accompanied by our humorous, English speaking guide, you will visit various sites around the famous Old Town area and play a fun scavenger hunt.

Besides its eye-catching beauty, Tbilisi has many hidden treasures. You will have incredible fun of discovering them. Just wander through ancient streets of the Old town. Train your imagination to unlock witty clues with your teammates. As a result you will find out how wonderful this city is and how lovely people are. While playing and having fun, you will also uncover interesting stories and striking facts about Tbilisi, too. Just spend three exciting hours with fellow travelers and take home fun memories of your amazing experience! Sounds like fun? Then book your tour here. Better stay at Envoy and go for free. Travelling solo? Then we’ll team you up with other travellers to explore Tbilisi together.

More Inspiration 

Tbilisi has earned Best Emerging Destination designation 2018.  Travel experts from National GeographicThe Guardian, and Rough Guides agree that now is the time to visit Tbilisi. 2018 year is a symbolic and significant date for the Georgian nation. It marks 100 years since Georgia first gained its independence from Russia. Tbilisi’s rich history dates back, according to legend, over fifteen hundred years. So, we have much to show and still more to surprise you.