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Underground Masterpiece

What may happen if an Armenian housewife asks her husband for a potato cellar? He may dig 21 meters underneath the house creating 6 rooms and artistic carvings on the walls using nothing but hand tools. This is the story behind Levon’s “Underground Masterpiece” something you haven’t seen anywhere else in the world. Accepting his wife’s request, Levon diligently started digging in. As divine callings were guiding him, the process went on for 23 years. He worked 18 hours a day and had a plan to dig 80 rooms in total. Unfortunately, Levon passed away in 2008 at the age of 63.

Underground Masterpiece as a museum

The divine cave and the house itself serves as a museum after Levon’s death. It is one of the unmissable off the beaten track sights to see while in Yerevan. It is located in Arinj village, which is located 15 minutes away from the city center.

How to get there: If you don’t mind taking a public transportation, then bus no. 47 is the one to take you there. Otherwise it can easily be reached by taxi.