Phnom Penh History Tour

Phnom Penh History

“Paris of the East”, “Pearl of Asia” or “City of Four Faces” – all these names refer to one of the most beautiful and mysterious cities in the world – Phnom Penh. What do you know about Phnom Penh history? Or what is your perception? Well, we can learn together. Just take a quick glance to its rich history before you decide to visit. Let’s start from the name. Phnom Penh gained its named from a Buddhist Temple, Wat Phnom. What is more striking, is that Penh was a real person. A nun who played a prominent role in the founding of the city which dates back to 1434. The city is noted for its marvelous historical, French-influenced architecture and attractions. Phnom Penh has faced different rules and regimes starting from unrivaled Angkor empire to Khmer Rouge. A brutal civil war culminated in this period from which Cambodia is still recovering.

Uncover mysteries 

Today Phnom Penh has a lot to share and show to its visitors. Amazing nature, stunning landscapes, great architecture and heartbreaking stories. To help you uncover the mysteries of Phnom Penh history Envoy offers an interesting guided tour. You will admire the quaint architecture and futuristic cultural monuments and buildings. Moreover, you will listen to some notorious stories of French citizens of that period. You will meet survivors of the Khmer Rouge era and hear their heartbreaking stories, too. Visiting a young local family for a delicious home made lunch will end the tour in a warm and friendly atmosphere.  Inspired? Then book your tour here and enjoy your time in Phnom Penh.  Better stay at Envoy Hostel and receive discounted rates on Envoy Tours!