Khinkali – queen of Georgian cuisine

eat Khinkali

In Georgia, food is quite a fitting expression for the culture. If you visit Georgia and ask the locals which specific dish you should try foremost, the first shout out will be “Oh, you eat Khinkali 

Hard to pronounce but delicious to eat. Khinkali can be described as giant dumplings! It’s a dish which originated from the Georgian mountainous regions. The fillings of Khinkali vary by locality. The traditional Khinkali includes meat (lamb or beef and pork mixed), but vegetarian fillings of mushroom, potatoes and cheese are also available.

Art of eating Khinkali

Firstly, you hold the ‘crown’ (typically not eaten) of the Khinkali with your right hand, and lift the bottom part with your left hand, so it’s upside down. Slowly and carefully, bite a small hole in the Khinkali and drink the delicious juice inside. Then bite in and enjoy the rest!

Ordering Khinkali at a restaurant is done by asking how many you would like to eat? 5 to 7 is a large meal. Using utensils, like a fork, is not right or polite way. So, you’d better eat khinkali like locals. Make sure you roll up your sleeves and dig in to a delicious plate of Khinkali while in Georgia. Better order an ice cold Natakhtari Beer, too (one of many great Georgian beers to try). This is the best addition to khinkali. 

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