Let the Good Times Roll- dolma is on the tray!


Food is central to the Armenian culture.  As a tourist travelling to this region, tasting the local food is a good way to gain insight into this culture! And for a truly authentic experience, what better way than to attend a festival dedicated Dolma. Worth to mention that locals consider this as the ‘king’ of Armenian dishes.

Dolma – an art form

Dolma comes in many forms and varieties but the most traditional can be regarded as the vine leave variety. These small and delicious morsels, individually rolled vine leaves stuffed with meat, rice, a selection of herbs and a lot of love, slow cooked to perfection, is brought down to an art form! At this festival, you will be able to experience this tasty dish in its many varieties. This includes the mixed vegetable dolma (such as stuffed eggplant and tomatoes), as well as the local favorite cabbage, potato and onion varieties, too.

This year’s festival will take place on 20th May in the Hnaberd village of Ararat Province. You need only an hour drive away from Yerevan. The location boasts a backdrop of the Ararat Mountain. Thus you will experience not only the love and passion of the Armenians for this special food but also enjoy a breathtaking view! So pack your camera and bring your appetite and let the good times roll… at the Dolma festival!

If the date of this festival  doesn’t work with your travel plans, don’t fret.  Just ask our friendly team at Envoy for recommendation of the tastiest places to enjoy authentic local food.