Choosing the right tour company

Choosing the right tour company

Traveling is more than just moving from one place to another. It is not even exploring the world, but rather experiencing it from inside. To get the most out of travel, tour companies are there to help. Or are they really? Well, it depends on the company you pick! So choosing the right tour company is crucial. Here’s a few tips on choosing a tour company to make your trip a memorable one. So, let’s go!

What to look For

The talent and personality of the guides| Guides can make or break your trip. They are the ones, who “drive” the tour. Choose a company that hires and trains their own guides. Usually they will deliver consistent tours through their expert knowledge, experience and commitment. Guides share facts, whereas professional guides share experience. And if they are also fun and friendly, then you’ve caught the winner! Otherwise you will be just marching behind a person and listen to something you are bound to soon forget.   

The logic of the tour itinerary| Have you ever been on a tour which felt like you were just ticking off key sights you see on postcards? Bombarded by facts and detail about places you cant recall afterwards? Well, choosing a tour that has balance between sights, information and activities, historic sightseeing and places of contemporary interest becomes the key.  A well thought out tour route provides value for money by showing a range of sights yet creating more opportunities to interact. This will ultimately result in gaining a deeper understanding of the culture and creating lasting memories, rather than just ticking off sights seen on postcards!

Meals included | One of the delights in travel is experiencing new foods. Exotic flavours, traditional local dishes all make the basis of  a tasty memory! Revealing the culture through food becomes a key factor in choosing day tours. Dishes introduced to you via locals who lovingly prepare the food can easily become the highlight of your tour experience. Taking it a step further, a tour company that caters for your specific requirements shows care and professionalism. Vegetarian, Vegan, gluten free (or even allergies) may be common terminology in the Western diets however finding suitable options like these while travelling becomes easier if your tour company can take care of it for you.

Hidden extras| Before booking a tour make sure you carefully study the description. Find out what is included and what extras you are going to pay for. Does your tour include entrance fees, meals or any other expense that may come up during the tour.  So, don’t be driven by a cheap tour as you may end up paying more later.   

The reputation| Look for online reviews. Check social media and other channels the company runs. See how friendly and professional they are. Every word is a reflection of their work and the level of satisfaction of their customers. Compare pictures posted by the company and by the travellers. It might not always be what they claim. See if other travellers have enjoyed their time and if they have special recommendation or tips. 

Envoy Tour Company 

At Envoy we share your passion for travel. We love to help you discover our region: Armenia, Georgia, Cambodia.  Envoy tours are designed to expose the best in each of these iconic countries. We have humorous and super friendly guides. Envoy offers a range of fun and informative private and group walking and day and dusk tours, city tours, seasonal tours, thematic and package tours. We thrive on giving customer care to our guests as well as giving back to the community. One of our highlights is that we offer meals in our villages, where local families host our guests. This gives authentic local experience and delicious food, of course.  Envoy tours are all inclusive and there are no hidden fees. If you cant find the tour you are looking for, then ask about custom tours.