Authentic cultural experience in the village of Georgia

authentic cultural experience

Often travelers only allow time enough to do a ‘postcard’ tour of places, ticking off major sights only. Envoy tours designed their tours to go beyond this. We inject a dose of culture, tradition and even humor into the tours. This allows a richer experience for the time strapped traveler. Hence, if you are looking for even more of a deeper authentic cultural experience, we highly recommend looking into Kakheti Village Tours

Immerse in Georgian culture

Designed to go beyond the normal tourist paths, these tours will allow you to immerse yourself in Georgian culture, too. So, take part in village life activities. Try to bake local bread, make tasty khinkali and delicious churchkhella. Even more, you can go fishing or practice some beekeeping! There’s something for everyone! If you are curious to discover the local way of life, you will definitely do. Stay overnight in a home stay and get to see first-hand how the villagers live.  

In conclusion, you will have unforgettable memories to take home. Most noteworthy, you will be helping the  livelihood of locals. Kakheti Village Tours is a community run social enterprise. They aim at upskilling locals and creating employment into the more remote and yet beautiful parts of Georgia. What better opportunity to explore the stunning region of Kakheti and help the locals as a result?