Arrive By Boat

If arriving by boat from Vietnam, you will arrive at the tourist boat dock at the Sisowath Quay at the eastern end of St 104 (near the night markets). Best option is to catch a Tuk Tuk straight to Envoy.

Note: Travelling by boat is not advisable during dry season (Oct – March) as water levels are too low and boats have difficulty maneuvering through the rivers.

 Trip Length:  Approx 20-30 minutes depending on traffic
 Difficulty Rating:  Medium
 Cost Rating:  $3-4 USD
 Experience:  Memorable! After one cool mode of transport to another,  you’ll be travelling like a local


Provide our address to the driver and enjoy the ride. Make sure to agree on price before starting the trip.

Envoy Hostel Address: #32, Street 322 BKK1

In Khmer: ផ្ទះលេខ ៣២ផ្លូវលេខ ៣២២សង្កាត់បឹងកេងកង១,ខណ្ឌចំការមនរាជធានីភ្នំពេញ។