Choosing the right tour company

Choosing the right tour company

Traveling is more than just moving from one place to another. It is not even exploring the world, but rather experiencing it from inside. To get the most out..

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general facts

General Facts about Georgia

So what currency is used in Georgia? Whats the population? Here’s a few main facts giving you a little background on Georgia.   For more general information visit:  Georgia (Wiki)

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Learn Georgian

An old and quite unique language, Georgian belongs to the family of Kartvelian language. Travelling through Georgia, you may also come across people speaking in Svan and Megrelian (North..

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Quick History Lesson on Georgia

Here’s a quick snapshot of Georgian history as a form of introduction and orientation.  Dont worry, we wont test you on it 🙂 Its just to help provide a..

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Hostel ads on tour site T


Be greeted at the airport by our driver holding an Envoy Hostel logo.
1-2 ppl: 40 GEL
3-4 ppl: 60 GEL
5-6 ppl: 80 GEL
7-10 ppl: 100 GEL