Arrive By Bus

Options and direction of how to reach Envoy from Yerevan’s main Bus Station’ Kilikia.

1. By Marshrutka

(local public transport mini buses)

Trip Length: Approx. 30 – 45 minutes including walking to the hostel
Difficulty Rating: Medium
Cost Rating: Low – its only 100 AMD (approx 30 cents) per person and another 100 AMD per piece of large luggage to catch the Marshrutka! But make sure you have change on you the Marshrutka drivers dont like giving change.
Experience Rating: Unforgetable! Marshrutka’s are a fun way to travel around this part of the world – expeience how the locals get around!

Here is a step by step guide:

  • Cross the road from the Kilikia Bus Stop and wait for the Marshrutka’s passing by
  • Catch a Marshrutka (13, 15, 77 or 267) wave for them to stop
  • Tell the driver “Mashtots – Pushkin kaian stop” (Kaian meaning station) – so he knows to point out the correct stop.
  • Pay the driver as you get off (currently 100AMD)
  • When you get off the marshrutka cross the road to the opposite side of Mashtots Ave
  • Walk to Puskin St and turn right into it (towards Parpetsi St)
  • Walk to the first cross road and turn right into Parpetsi Street – as soon as you turn you will see the Envoy Logo sign at the door
  • Good news you are at home !!

Download and print the Marshrutka instructions ready for your trip!
Marshrutka from Kilikia Bus Station to Envoy

By Taxi
Trip Length:  Approx. 15 – 20 minutes
 Difficulty Rating: Low
 Cost Rating: Medium (approx 1000AMD)
 Experience Rating:  Not so exciting – just another taxi ride!

You will need to cross the road from the Kilikia Bus Station and flag down a Taxi. Make sure you ask the price of the ride before you accept to take the taxi.