About Armenia

Quick and short lesson on the Armenian history

A short point form run down on some of the key events in Armenian history. Noah’s Ark landed on Mt Ararat, then part of Armenia. See Genesis 8:4. Hayk,..

Learn Armenian

Armenian is an old and unique language. With 39 letters in the alphabet it is a very rich language. Originally invented by Mesrop Mashtots back in the 5th century (known..

General Facts

What language is spoken in Armenia? What does the national flag look like? Here’s a few facts to give you a little background on Armenia. For more general information visit:..

Festivals, national holidays and fun in Armenia

If you plan to travel to Armenia, better have a quick glance at festivals, national holidays and other events to make your trip more memorable.  The table below summaries..

Discover Gyumri | The Capital of Shirak

Gyumri is the second largest city in Armenia and one that doesnt get as much attention as it deserves. So to place Gyumri in the limelight, here's a little..