Learn Georgian

An old and quite unique language, Georgian belongs to the family of Kartvelian language. Travelling through Georgia, you may also come across people speaking in Svan and Megrelian (North West of Georgia) and Laz (on the Black Sea Coast). There are also a wide range of dialects spoken.

The Georgian Alphabet is so unique, you’re bound to find yourself keeping a ticket or a label of something in your travel diary as a sample to wow your friends with when you get back home (Coke bottle labels are the best! 🙂 ).

So you are here for a few days and would like to give the language a go. Let us start by warning you that it is a constant rich language, so you need to add a dash of courage and give it a go. You’ll bring much joy to those who hear you try our language. Its fun and learning a few words is the best souvenir to take home!

Basic Conversation

English Georgian
Hello Gamarjoba
How are you? Rogor khar?
Thank you Madlobt
Please Tu sheidzleba
Yes Deeakh
No Ara
What is the time? Romeli saatia?
How much is this? Ra ghirs?
What is your name? Ra gk’via?
Where is…? Sad aris…?
Good morning Dila mshvidobisa
Good night Dzili nebisa

Of Interest to Tourists

English Georgian
Bank Bankee
Currency Exchange Valootees
Pharmacy Saapteeako
Grocery Store Sasoorsato maghazia
Shop Maghazia
Hospital Saavadmqoposhee
Doctor Ekeemee
Market Bazarze
Toilet Tualetis
City Center Kalakees tsentrshee
Closed Dakhooroolia
Open Gakhsna
Church Eklesia
Castle Tseekhe
Lake Tba
Camera Kamera


1 Ertee
2 Oree
3 Samee
4 Otkhee
5 Khootee
6 Ekvsee
7 Shveedee
8 Rva
9 Tskhra
10 Atee
20 Otsee
30 Otsdaatee
40 Ormotsee
50 Ormotsdaatee
60 Samotsee
70 Samotsdaatee
80 Otkhmotsee
90 Otkhmotsdaatee
100 Asee
1,000 Atasee
2,000 Oriatasee
100,000 Asee atasee
1,000,000 Meeleeonee

Days of the Week

English Georgian
Monday Orshabatee
Tuesday Samshabatee
Wednesday Otkhshabat
Thursday Khootshabatee
Friday Paraskevee
Saturday Shabatee
Sunday Kveera