Learn Khmer

There is nothing more exciting than learning a little bit of the local language and trying out your communication skills during your travels. You will not only take home with you memorable moments but also bring a smile to the face of those you interact with ūüôā Here’s some basic words to get you started.

Basic Conversation

English  Khmer
 Hello  Sursdey
 How are you?  Sohk sabay te?
 Thank you  Ah kun
 Please  Sohm
 Yes  Baat/ jas (male/ female)
 No  Tee
 What is the time?  Moang pun maan?
¬†How much is this? ¬†Ter nis t’lay pun maan?
¬†What is your name? ¬†Ter¬†nak ch’hmos¬†avey?
 Where is?  Nov eh naa?
 Good Morning  A run sursdey
 Good Night  Reatrey sursdey

Of Interest to Tourists:

 English  Khmer
 Bank  Thor nea kea
 Currency Exchange  Konleng pdo luy
 Pharmacy  Konleng luk thnam pet
 Grocery Store  Konleng luk kreung tes
 Shop  Hang
 Boat  Touk
 Bus  Lan Krong
 Station  Sthanny (eg bus station=Sthanny Lan Krong)
 Hospital  Mun ti pet
 Doctor  Krou pet
 Market  Phsa
 Toilet  Bang kun
 City Centre  Kadal krong
 Closed  Chit
 Open  Berk
 Camera  Masin thort


 English  Khmer
 1  Muy
 2  Pii
 3  Bei
 4  Buan
 5  Bram
 6  Bram muy
 7  Bram pii
 8  Bram bei
 9  Bram buan
 10  Dawp
 11  Dawp  muy
 12  Dawp pii
 13  Dawp bei
 14  Dawp buan
 15  Dawp bram
 16  Dawp bram muy
 17  Dawp bram pii
 18  Dawp bram bei
 19  Dawp bram buan
 20  Ma phei
 30  Saam seb
 40  See seb
 50  Ha seb
 60  Hok seb
 70  Chet seb
 80  Pet seb
 90  Kaov seb
 100  Muy roy
 1000  Muy poan
 2000  Pipon
 100,000  Mouyesn
 1,000,000  Muy lian

Days of the Week

 English  Khmer
¬†Monday ¬†th’ngai chan
¬†Tuesday ¬†th’ngai angkea
¬†Wednesday ¬†th’ngai¬†phut
¬†Thursday ¬†th’ngai¬†prohors
¬†Friday ¬†th’ngai¬†sok
¬†Saturday ¬†th’ngai¬†saa
¬†Sunday ¬†th’ngai¬†a tit