About us

We share your passion for travel and thirst to discover stunning landscapes and experience new cultures. Our tours are designed to expose the best of our region and provide memorable experiences. We thrive on giving customer care to our guests as well as giving back to the community.


Envoy Hostel & Tours has had the privilege of receiving the following recognition:

Envoy Hostel & Tours | Yerevan

Envoy Hostel & Tours | Tbilisi

Envoy Hostel & Tours | Phnom Penh

Giving Back to the Community

We have strong Christian ethics which our business is built upon. This also serves as a foundation to do good for our community and help others. Envoy practices good Corporate Social Responsibility demonstrated by our actions:

  • We are environmentally conscience
  • We employ and train locals, providing a nurturing environment
  • We create employment through our tours in remote locations

Since inception we have supported a range of charities which include: